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Year 9 Options

Options Information – Choosing your GCSE’s.

Choosing your GCSE’s is an important part of your school career. Make sure you take your time with your decision. Speak to your subject teachers and form tutor for advice. Talk to other students who have taken the subjects you are considering. Mr Butcher (Deputy Headteacher) can give you more information and advice.


  • Choose a good balance of subjects to keep your future options open.
  • Find out about new subjects by talking to the relevant subject teachers.
  • Look at how the subjects fit together. If you have chosen a lot of essay based subjects maybe choose a practical/creative subject to complement your other subjects and demonstrate your skills.
  • If you have a career in mind, research it and see what subjects would be useful to choose. Try and keep your subject choices broad.
  • If you are looking at going to University in the future remember they may require certain subjects at A Level. You may need a GCSE in a subject to study it at A Level. You can check University entry requirements on
  • Your choices should reflect your interests and abilities. Try to choose subjects you are good at and think you will enjoy.
  • Don’t choose subjects just because your friends do, or you like the teacher or because someone else thinks it’s a good idea.