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Year 7 Outdoor Education Trip

Last Updated: 12th June 2020

When we knew we could not go on our Year 7 trip we were all very disappointed. We immediately reorganised the trip for a date in September as we remain committed to this important part of your son’s development.

Unfortunately, it still remains very unclear what September will bring and although we hope to be back in school, it is unlikely that trips of this nature will be allowed. Therefore, we have cancelled our bookings to ensure families can have a full refund of what they have paid. This refund is being issued via Parentpay and should be in your account by 19th June.

I want you to be assured we remain committed to outdoor education and as soon as we have a clearer picture of the situation we will look at other opportunities for their year group. For now, where your money is best in your possession, we felt this to be the best course of action.

Kind regards

Mr Julian - Outdoor Education Coordinator

Mr Clayton - Headteacher