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Week 4



Hello students, parents and carers. Welcome to our next update on the Transition Zone. We hope that you are finding them as fun and informative as we have making them. Our Transition Team has been busy this week making phone calls home to you all and preparing more activities and videos for the website.

In this week’s upload, we have a mini Science lesson from our Head of Science, Mr Hodgetts and a mini Technology lesson from our Technology teacher, Mr Woolley. This is accompanied by the Science and Maths FAQs. We also tasked some of our Year 7 students to create a video to answer any questions that they may have asked during their own transition day a whole year ago, to give you a student-focused view of KNBS. We have also created a checklist that we hope will prove useful in September to allow students to get back into being organised and prepared for school life.

Mrs Kendall
Head of Year 7

Thank you for all of your enquiries and information that you have sent in; you should have received responses to these. If you have any further questions or queries, please don’t hesitate to ask. Don’t forget to send your confidentiality forms back to school. Alternatively, if you need new forms, please just fill out the Sharing Information box below.

If you have a child who has any medical needs that we need to know about, could you please get in contact with our Medical Needs Officer, Mrs Forth, on

Have a good week!


Here you will find some FAQs that have been answered to prepare you for your Mathematics and Science lessons at KNBS. If you have any other questions, please ask your parents to send an enquiry on the Sharing Information form, and Mrs Kendall will get back to you as soon as possible.

Student Activities 

School Start Checklist When you start school at KNBS in September, it will have been a long time since you got up and ready for school. Often, this means that you may forget one or two things that you need for your school day. We have created a checklist for you to print out at home to stick somewhere that it can clearly be seen (on the inside of your front door or on your fridge perhaps), to help remind you of what you need to bring to school each day.  Download

Science Mini Lesson Mr Hodgetts, Head of the Science and Technology Faculty, has put together a mini-lesson for you to try out at home. Have a go at completing the activity he has created for you and send your attempts to – we hope that you enjoy the wonders of Science in this cabbage-based experiment. Have fun! 



Technology Overview Mr Woolley, our Technology teacher, has put together a mini-lesson for you to try out at home. Have a go at completing the activity he has created for you and send your attempts to



Sharing Information

Click this link to share any important information with Mrs Kendall, Head of Year 7, or if you have a query. She will either respond directly to you, or, if many parents have asked the same question, she will update the website with the relevant information.