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Year 11 Updates

Last updated: Thursday 14th May 2020

Dear Year 11,

These messages of support come to you at the end of what would have been your first week of GCSE exams. I am sure that the uncertainty of the situation is causing you anxiety however, preparing for and trying to sit your exams in these current circumstances would have been ultimately much worse.

Many of your teachers wanted to share some messages with you, check them out below.

My message is simple –

  • We miss you; it is all too strange not seeing you in school.
  • Do some work! Prepare for Year 12 – wherever it may lead you!
  • Send in your year book entries so we can make it a year book to remember.
  • See you soon – when this is over we will plan an event of some sort to mark your “graduation” and say a proper goodbye.

Mr Clayton


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POST 16 Preparation

1. Pearson Active Learn

Pearson has made a large number of its electronic textbooks available free of charge during the current pandemic. They produce a large number of textbooks for both A-Level and Vocational post 16 courses.  This package only contains books published by Pearson and you may well find that you use a different textbook produced by a different publisher next year. Even so, the Pearson books will be a good introduction to any post 16 course of the same name.

We have set up accounts for each student in Y11 so that you can access the Active Learn package which contains all of these books, so that you can read ahead and even attempt some of the activities in these books to prepare you for next year.

The web address is and you will need to find your username and password in the .pdf document hosted on SMH.  If you have any problems, please feel free to send Mr Hodgetts a message through SMH.

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2. KNGS - Prep work

We have worked collaboratively with the Girl’s school to share materials that will help you prepare for your year 12 studies.  You will find these resources and activities available in the GCSE HUB, Post 16 section.

Thank you to KNGS staff.

3. Halesowen College - Prep work

Please find below some useful links for any boys who have applied or are considering applying to Halesowen College. Keep checking their website on a regular basis as they will soon be adding some targeted, subject-specific activities to help our students prepare for post-16 education.

There is further information on the Halesowen College channel on YouTube:


Examination Grades and Results Day...

Results day has now been set for 20th August.  We have also had significant information from the Department for Education about what they require from us regarding exam results.  Although we have been instructed that all of the information has to remain confidential, we can assure you that the predictions that we have made have taken into account a wide range of factors.  Rest assured that we have not just based them on a set of mock exams that you sat some time before the final exams, and we are fully aware that students can often make big improvements during the final preparation towards exams.  Remember that your teachers know you well, they have a good handle on your capabilities, and they have attempted to reflect you at your best when providing the necessary information.

It is almost impossible to not be anxious; you would have been anxious preparing for your examinations too.  Of course, this is a different type of anxiety, as you probably have more questions than answers.  We have more information on dealing with any anxiety you may be feeling.  Click here to read more about Kooth a dedicated website with real people to talk to (this link will take you to the ‘Looking After Yourself’ webpage).

What shall I do with my time?

Look now to your future; this is a great time to get ahead.  KNGS has promised to provide us with the A-Level prep work that they are going to release this term to their students.  As soon as it is available, we will get it to you.  In the meantime, seek out the information on A-Level work that Mr Hodgetts has kindly posted on SMH.  There is a huge number of resources and work there for you to get your teeth into.

You could, of course, be writing up your stories and experiences to provide articles for the Yearbook…

2020 Leavers Yearbook proposal...

We are aware that the ending of your secondary school career has occurred under very strange circumstances.  Nevertheless, we are keen to celebrate the end of your school education as much as possible, and to ensure that you leave us with a tangible reminder of the memories of your school years.  Therefore, I am happy to announce the production of a 2020 Leavers Yearbook.  We hope that this will be a wonderful celebration of your time at KNBS and a piece of social history.

As part of the preparation for the Yearbook, we would like all students to send us:

  • your best memory
  • your funniest story
  • your top three members of staff
  • your aspirations for the future
  • your advice to our younger students
  • a quote from you to feature in the Yearbook
  • your best trip (including the reasons why).

Please also:

  • send any pictures you have from your time at KNBS
  • let us know if you are happy to contribute articles for the Yearbook, reporting on trips and events that you have been involved with.

You can send this information to

We know how important leaving secondary school is – it is a rite of passage and it marks one of the key milestones in your life. We don’t want this moment to pass unmarked, and it would be great for as many students as possible to be able to contribute to the Yearbook. We hope you will be able to share your memories with everyone and we look forward to your contributions.