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Year 10 Updates

Last updated: Thursday 19th March 2020.

Year 10 Updates...

These are strange times.

From Monday, all of our Year 10 will be working remotely.  With this in mind, we wanted to share our short term, medium term and future plans to support Year 10 in their journey towards their GCSE qualifications.

Short Term

Staff will be setting work on ‘Show My Homework’ with the resources our students will need to be successful.

Medium Term

We are busy adding resources to our GCSE HUB.  This is an open-access area of the website that holds various useful resources.  Staff will still set work on ‘Show My Homework’ but may well direct students to resources to help them that are hosted on the GCSE HUB.

Teaching staff will also be available online, via email, if the boys have any questions or queries.  It may not be an immediate response – but it is an essential dialogue to maintain.

Finally teaching staff will also set up work and links to various learning platforms that we use in key stage 4.  For example; Keboodle (for MFL), Hegarty Maths, BBC Bitesize.

Long term

Teaching staff will maintain a list of the work that has been set so that they can monitor how the boys are getting on and where any gaps may be.  This allows us to set additional work to fill these gaps, or have extra sessions when school re-opens to assist the boys in reinforcing their understanding of these areas.Click the below link to see our short-term response: