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Year 10 - Learning @ Home Review

Last updated: Friday 27th March 2020

Learning @ Home - Year 10 - a review of the first week…

I am sure you will agree that this past week has been a sharp learning curve for all of us in lots of different ways:

  • as parents, you have been suddenly faced with taking on a new role as educator in your own home, and for many you have had to manage this alongside finding effective working-from-home practices of your own
  • staff have been getting used to setting online learning activities, having to adapt their skills for a completely unexpected scenario
  • young people have been adapting to not being in school – and we recognise that the vast majority of youngsters will be missing the many different aspects of school life, from their lessons to their social time.

We would like to thank all those parents who have sent messages of thanks for the efforts of staff to provide useful work and support.  We have all learnt a lot in this first week of school closures.  Therefore, we would like, in our first update, to offer some support in managing your ‘home learning’.

We understand that working at home can be a barrier to maintaining a harmonious family life.  Stories being shared by parents up and down the country show us all how difficult this can prove.  Therefore, we hope this update will help.

Try to keep to a routine…

Young people need normality, familiarity and structure. So, keeping to a routine makes home schooling much easier.

Let your son influence the daily structure or timetable for the day, combining their ideas, opinions and plans. If they try and schedule double PlayStation every morning, then it’s probably time to step in, but if you do involve them you will often be impressed with the outcome.

Don’t expect him to work non-stop…

A normal school day includes five hours of learning.  It is very unlikely that you will be able to mirror this at home successfully.  We would suggest three sessions on three different topics.  We would also suggest that students do not work for much longer than an hour on a certain subject without a break.  Some of our boys will want to do more than three sessions.  Limiting these boys may cause them anxiety.  You are the best judge about whether you can achieve more or less than this, dependant upon your son’s engagement and participation levels.

Prioritise your family’s wellbeing…

It can be a very stressful time; the news is full of Coronavirus updates; we have to stay at home; we are trying to learn at home.  If things are getting too much, then our best advice is to take a break and start again later.  If it is needed, down tools and do something nice together.

Maintain links between our boys and their school…

If year 10 students are struggling with something, they can message their teachers either via email or via Show My Homework.  Subject staff will try and help wherever they can.

If the technology lets you down…

If your password stops working or you need some technical support, please use the report a concern link on the KS4 Learning@Home page.

Please be reassured that when our young people return to us, we will help them to get ready to face their next challenge.  Therefore, please do not let their learning become a factor that creates too many arguments and too much stress – family life is difficult enough, certainly in these testing times!