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Year 10 Update

If your son is unable to login to his KNBS email account, please use the following link to request support.


Good Afternoon Year 10,

We wanted to get in touch to let you know as much as I can about the current situation and how it might affect you as a year group.  It is an odd time to be working on your GCSEs from home and I am sure that you have many unanswered questions. I wanted you to know that we are here to help and provide you with as much info as possible.  So I have answered some of the common questions that we have received from year 10 recently.


It is clear that your GCSEs have been disrupted and I am sure that the department of education will be pushed to make some adaptations to their expectations.  This is not very easy though, in fact it is incredibly difficult as different schools will have taught the GCSE content in various orders, this means they cannot just reduce the size of what you need to learn without it being unfair on someone.

All we can do right now is to keep you ticking over and helping you remember what you have learnt so far and helping you pick up new information as best we can.  Everything we are doing is to help you be in the best position as you can when we come out of this lockdown.

We are already planning for when you come back and how we can help you reinforce what you have done during the lockdown.  Mr Hanson and Mr Butcher run the Raising Achievement Group and this works on ways we can support your progress.  They have already, for example, started to plan you period 6s for a September start so your teachers can help you sooner rather than later.


We are planning to hold PPEs in September.  If by September you have returned as normal then we plan to have PPEs during the week beginning the 29th September.  This will help us understand what you have retained and what we need to go over in our lessons and period 6s.  We will also be able to help you prepare in the lessons and period 6s leading up to the exams.


A lot of year 10 have asked this question and are worried about their PPE grades.  PPEs are a really important assessment tool.  It shows the teaching staff and you where things are going right and wrong.  The feedback helps you to fine tune your revision, knowledge acquisition and skills.  It is only one of the pieces of data that helps us to make predictions about your future performance.  For example most students improve on every set of PPEs they take and then their final scores are often a little bit better again.  Year 11 predictions have rarely been the same as their latest PPE grade.

From now on we intend to contact you, as a year group each week. So if you have other questions please send them to and we will post your questions and answer them in that weekly email so that all year 10 can benefit.

If your questions is specifically about the work then please contact you teacher on their email (

Best Wishes,


Mr D Clayton                                      Mr R Hanson

Headteacher                                       Head of Year