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Year 11

Wednesday 23rd June 2021

Good morning,

Within the last 48 hours we have had two asymptomatic cases involving year 11.  Both cases had been in close contact with each other.   As a precautionary measure we will be moving any year 11 sessions this week to a later date, or they will be delivered virtually.

Close contacts will be identified, and families contacted separately to this message.  

We urge you to stay vigilant and keep testing to make sure that you that we do not have more asymptomatic cases within the community.  If you require more LFD tests, please book them here:, or contact reception to arrange a collection.

Friday 18th June 2021 

Covid Update

In light of the latest announcement on Monday about the continuing Covid restrictions, some of you may be understandably anxious about the growing numbers of cases that are being reported locally, particularly amongst young people. We would like to reassure you that our continued measures in school seem to be holding fast and helping our school community to stay safe. Masks, hand sanitiser, the one-way system, staggered breaks and lunches, amongst other measures, are the mainstays of protection and we would like to thank parents for your continued support in encouraging our boys to persist with these, despite all of our frustrations. It remains vitally important that students complete their Lateral Flow Tests on Wednesdays and Sundays, and that the results are reported to us via this form here.

It is clear that the latest Delta strain is especially virulent and once it gets into a community it spreads swiftly. We are in a good place and do not want to go back to bubbles isolating. Therefore, please ensure that any positive cases are reported immediately. Additionally, we would ask you to be extra vigilant with spotting symptoms as new additions to the list are runny nose and headache. We appreciate that in the middle of hay fever season this is not particularly helpful but would ask that you are extra cautious – we all want to end the school year with a full complement of staff and students and with everybody safe and well.

INSET day 28th June Reminder

We will be holding our final INSET day on Monday 28th June. School will be open to staff on this day but closed for all students. Please make a note of this in your diary.

Phase 6

It has been great to see so many of our Year 11 students back in school, making the most of the Phase 6 sessions that have been available and getting some final wear out of their school uniform!

We are pleased to release the timetable for the third week of Phase 6 (please see below). Students will be invited to several sessions throughout the month of June and these invites will be sent to you via a text message with the session title, date and time attached. As always, we expect students to maintain the highest standards in terms of uniform.

Monday 21st June

Tuesday 22nd June

Wednesday 23rd June

Thursday 24th June

Friday 25th


Lendlease construction workshop*

Sexual Health workshop

Wellbeing session

History A-level

Geography A-level


PE A-level

Physics A-level


Biology A-level


*Lendlease is a construction company who are coming to talk to the students about such things as:

  • Careers impacted by Covid
  • Pathways into construction
  • Open discussions about university life pre and post Covid
  • Management training

Celebration Event 9th July

Arrangements are well underway for the now confirmed Year 11 Celebration Event, and we hope that we will have as many students as possible in attendance so that staff can say a proper farewell to them and have a little bit of fun. We need to gauge numbers to start preparations in earnest so please complete a short survey to register your son’s interest by clicking here.

Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance - an update from Mr Kirk

Cadbury College A Level Step Up

Cadbury College have now released their ‘A-Level step-up’ programme to support Year 11 students with transition. This information can be found at These sessions may be useful for all students, even if they are not planning to go to Cadbury College, so please encourage your son to check the resources out.

Halesowen College Campus Tours

Halesowen College have been offering Campus Tours for students to allow them to get a feel of the campus and see the facilities they have on offer. There are still a few places left on Wednesday 30th June and Thursday 1st July on the bookable Campus Tours for parents/carers and students - please find the link below to book:

Friday 11th June 2021 

Leavers Celebration Event 9th July

We are thrilled to confirm the date for the Year 11 celebration event - this will take place on the afternoon of 9th July. We will be inviting all leavers to join with staff for a fun-filled afternoon, during which we can reminisce with them about their time at KNBS and give them a proper farewell. More details about this will follow next week.

New appointments

We would like you to join us in congratulating the following existing members of staff who have been successful in securing new roles in school for the coming academic year:

Head of PE: Mr Turner

Head of Music: Miss Naylor

Assistant Head of Year: Miss Yussuf

Assistant Head of Year: Mr Francis

They are very excited and chomping at the bit to get started!

Wellbeing Newsletter

The latest edition of our online Wellbeing Newsletter, Keeping Well @ KNBS, has some insightful comments from Ms Gowreesunker about the benefits of art therapy, as well as information about Pride Month, which is celebrated in the month of June. Click here for access.

Phase 6

We are pleased to release the timetable for the second week of Phase 6 (see below). Your son will be invited to several sessions throughout the month of June, via a text message sent to you, with the session title, date and time attached. As always, we expect students to maintain the highest standards in terms of uniform. We are looking forward to seeing many of the boys again soon.

Monday 14th June

Tuesday 15th June

Wednesday 16th June

Thursday 17th June

Friday 18th


Business A-level




Duke of Edinburgh Award


Duke of Edinburgh Award


Duke of Edinburgh Award


Maths A-level



Chemistry A-level

Employability skills

Higher Apprenticeships and Higher Education


Finances workshop





Wellbeing session



Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance - an update from Mr Kirk 

Virtual Taster Sessions – Halesowen College

Most Year 11 students have by now secured their post-16 choices but, just in case your son is still undecided, Halesowen College have now released their virtual subject taster sessions for students who might want to find out more. You can access these by clicking on the link here: There is a range of material, including videos about lots of different courses.

Friday 28th May 2021 

A message from Mr Hanson 

When I took on the role of Head of Year in September 2019, none of us could have imagined what life would be like two years on. Despite the challenges that the Year 11 boys have faced, they have shown an incredible amount of resilience, and the attitude and effort I have seen over the past few weeks has been fantastic. This cohort are an outstanding group of students! They have been given every reason not to be the very best version of themselves due to the ongoing pandemic, and yet, despite it all, they have held themselves to the very highest standards – more than I could have ever expected. I believe that they are leaving behind them a legacy that all other year groups will have to live up to. I am looking forward to seeing how this hard work pays off on results day. It is now time for everyone to re-charge those batteries, spend time with friends and family and, later in the summer, get prepared for their post-16 choices. I’m already looking forward to seeing the boys again during phase 6. 

Phase 6 

We are pleased to be releasing the timetable for the first week of Phase 6 (see below). Students will be invited to several sessions throughout the month of June, and these invites will be sent to parents via a text message with the session title, date and time attached. As always, we expect students to maintain the highest standards in terms of uniform. We are looking forward to seeing the boys again soon. 

Monday 7th June Tuesday 8th June Wednesday 9th June Thursday 10th June Friday 11th June
INSET DAY Duke of Edinburgh Award Wellbeing session Duke of Edinburgh Award Duke of Edinburgh Award
      Finance workshop  
Friday 21st May 2021 

Year 11 Final Summer Assessments

Year 11 students have been exemplary this week in the way that they have managed the process of signing in and out of school, and in their conduct around school. They have clearly appreciated having the opportunity to work at home in between their remaining assessments, and many have now come to the end of their assessment period. It is vitally important that Food Technology and Art students all attend the assessments that are scheduled for next week – they have been given reminders of this by their teachers; please support your son in encouraging him to attend.

It is always a bittersweet moment when Year 11 students leave us, never more so than at the end of this tumultuous year when things have, to say the least, been a little bit strange for everyone! In the absence of our usual prom, we are keen to celebrate this key moment in our students’ lives and thus, once the grading process has been finalised, we will begin our preparations for the Year 11 Celebration event in earnest. This will most likely coincide with our Enrichment Week, which takes place in the week commencing 12th July. You will receive more information about this in due course.

Phase 6

Remember that our Phase 6 programme of post-16 taster sessions and Personal Development extras will be taking place from 7th - 30th June. You will receive more information about this before the half term holiday.

Virtual Work Experience

Year 11 students have been unfortunate in missing out on their face-to-face work experience opportunities due to COVID-19. We are keen to ensure that our students have every chance to engage with this vital experience, albeit, in a virtual way.

We have a list of virtual work experience opportunities (click here to access) for students to take part in up until the end of July. There are a wide range of businesses and industries that they can gain an insight into. These opportunities will give students more to write about on their CV, particularly referencing the skills they have learnt or enhanced from completing different activities. Please encourage your son to check out some of the many links attached – it is surprising just how many varied experiences and opportunities there are to be had!

Year 11 Hoodies Reminder

Don’t miss out on the chance to purchase a Year 11 hoodie – click on the following link and log in using the username and password provided below:

Username - SL55170

Password - 55170norton


Friday 14th May 2021 

Year 11 Summer Assessment Week 2 17th – 21st May

We are very impressed with the way our 2021 Leavers have sustained their efforts during these difficult times; the overwhelming majority have made us incredibly proud of the cohort.  As we enter Week 3 of the Summer Assessment Window a few things will change:

  • From Monday 17th May (Assessment Window Week 3) the normal Year 11 timetable will be suspended. 
  • With parental permission, students will only need to attend assessments and preparation sessions that remain; they will be allowed to arrive in school at the beginning of their sessions and leave school after their sessions have ended.
  • If parents prefer for their son to stay in school, or students wish to remain in school, in between assessments or preparation sessions, a staffed work room is available. 
  • The timetable below (a PDF) is also available, and all students have been given a copy) has additional yellow shading to show where all Year 11 students have a session in school.
  • Students’ personal assessment timetables will show their remaining assessments.

Students will not be permitted to leave school unless we have permission from parents.  This can happen in two ways: through the online authorisation form (click here) or the permission slip given to them today. As a fail-safe we will text parents on Monday to confirm that we have received their authorisation.

Please note that all normal expectations remain the same in terms of standards of uniform, behaviour and compliance.  It is essential that our eldest students remain positive role models for their younger peers.

Summer Assessment Window – Week 3

Click here for a PDF version.

Wearing of Masks

Following the recent announcement by the Government that face masks will no longer be required in secondary school classrooms in England after 17 May, we can confirm that your son will no longer need to wear a face mask during his lessons from this date. However, we must point out that we will still be expecting students to wear these when they are moving around school, in corridors and in communal areas that are indoors, and we thank you in advance for your continuing support of this safety measure.

Year 11 Hoodies

Further to the information we shared last week about Year 11 hoodies, you can now purchase one for your son by clicking on the following link and logging in using the username and password provided below:

Username - SL55170

Password - 55170norton


Severn Trent Big Difference Initiative

The impact of Covid 19 upon some families has been far-reaching, and we are aware that some may be experiencing financial hardship as a result of this. We want to make you aware of an initiative that Severn Trent have introduced to support their customers who are finding it difficult to manage their household bills – the Big Difference Scheme. Click here to access their flyer for further details.

Leavers 2021 – Celebration Event

Once the gradings have been submitted to the Exam Boards and Ofqual, the Head Boy Team will begin planning our end of term celebration.  We already have some ideas, and we aim to make it an event worthy of such an excellent year group.  We will update you of these plans and any entry costs as soon as we have them.

Friday 7th May 2021 

Year 11 Summer Assessment Week 2 10th – 14th May

Year 11 students have been exemplar in their attitude towards the first week of their Summer Assessments which have taken place this week; it is evident just how much our boys want to fulfil their potential. Please click here to access more details about week 2 of the Summer Assessments.

Please remind your son to make the most of the additional Period 6 sessions that are taking place. These are extra to the revision sessions that are timetabled throughout the day. The ones for this week are:

Leavers Hoodies

While we have been unable to plan and prepare for the more usual Year 11 Leavers events, such as Prom, in conjunction with the Head Boy Team, we are organising the ever-popular Leavers hoodies to mark the end of their time at KNBS. Watch out for more information about the ordering process which will be coming soon.


Now to hoodies of a different kind…Please remind your son that hoodies, either the zip up or pullover kind, are not to be worn in school, even on the days that he may have PE. If students want to wear a hoodie to keep them warm on the way to school, this needs to be taken off and put away before they enter the school gates. Any student wearing a hoodie will be asked to remove this and will incur a sanction if they fail to comply. We would appreciate your support with this.

Extra-Curricular Timetable

You can now access the latest extra-curricular timetable by clicking here.

Sickness and contact with home

Please remind your son that if he is feeling unwell in school, in the first instance he should ask to be seen by one of our fully trained first aiders. The triage process will ensure that we make an informed decision about whether a student needs to be collected by parents or whether they are well enough to remain in school. A small number of students have been contacting parents before seeking medical assistance, and we would not want you to be concerned unnecessarily.