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Examinations Information

GCSE Results
Thursday 12th August 2021

Results Day 2021

You will have now received your GCSE or equivalent results. Congratulations! It has been a difficult year with many disruptions, and to achieve these grades will have taken determination and dedication.

As you know, exams this year were cancelled by the government in January and replaced by a process of Teacher Assessed Grades (TAGs) in order to grade students. The regulations around these TAGs were that it had to reflect student performance, rather than any predicted grades, teachers therefore could only award grades based on the evidence available.  KNBS staff have graded, moderated and submitted grades in line with the processes outlined in our Centre Policy, which was approved by the exam boards and shared with you via text and the weekly update page on our website.  Our grade submission was also subject to external quality assurance from the exam boards and a sample of our evidence and grading was submitted to the exam boards as part of that check.

Next Steps

We want to wish all our 2021 leavers the best of luck in their next step, please fill in the destination forms when you get your results so we can see where our 2021 leavers are heading to.  If for any reason you are unsure of what you are going to do next, or you want some advice and guidance, please let us know by emailing

We will be in touch in the new academic year to let you know when your Certificates have arrived and can be awarded to you.  This is a welcome opportunity to catch up with you and find out how things are going on your new courses or apprenticeships.  It is also a chance to present each student with the Year group photo that was taken at our celebration event.

Information about appeals

Results day brings with it many smiles and sometimes a little disappointment too, this year will be no exception.  If you are unhappy with your grade, you should first speak to the teachers’ available on results day.  If you missed the chance to discuss it on results day and wish to talk to someone before deciding on lodging an appeal, then please email the enquiry line ( and an appropriate member of staff will contact you. 

If you do feel that there has been an error, or that you feel the evidence used (outlined in our Centre Policy) should have led to a different grade then you can lodge an appeal:

  • The first stage of any appeal is a Centre Review, in which we will check if any administrative or procedural errors have occurred.
  • If any student that appeals remains unhappy following the outcome of the centre review, they do have the option to put forward an appeal to the awarding organisation on their behalf. The deadlines for this are:

Centre Review deadline for non-priority appeals*:

3rd September 2021

Awarding Organisation (Examination Board) deadline for non-priority appeals*:

17th September 2021

If you decide that you want to appeal your grade, you should first review the information about the appeals process, and then complete the online form to initiate a Centre Review.  These can be found at:

(Please note that although parents will correctly want to support their son, any appeal must be lodged by the student.) 

We must receive a Centre Review appeal by the deadline before we can progress it to an awarding organisation appeal.  Please note that during either of the appeals stages, results could go up or down or stay the same. You will not keep the higher of the grades, and an appeal cannot be withdrawn once a decision has been made.

Alternatively, all GCSE qualifications can be resat in the autumn term.


NB* Priority appeals: These are for A level students who have not met the conditional offer of their firm choice of university; in which case they should have notified their university of this.

Non- Priority appeals: All other A level appeals and all GCSE of BTEC appeal.