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Student Leadership

Our Head Boy Team is made up from 10 year 11 pupils who are outstanding role models who want to contribute to the life of King's Norton Boys' School. Each member of the team has been given a responsibility for a specific area:
•    Head Boy and Chair of School Council 
•    Deputy Head Boy and Vice Chair of School Council
•    Deputy Head Boy and Head of Sports Reps
•    Deputy Head of Sports Reps
•    Head of Eco-travel Reps 
•    Deputy Head of Eco-travel Reps – Joseph Griffiths
•    Head of Student Mental Health and Welfare 
•    Deputy Head of Mental Health and Welfare 
•    Head of Student Mentoring 
•    Deputy Head of Student Mentoring 

The head boy team meet every half-term and have a presence at anything whole-school related.

Our Head Boy:

Our Head Boy and Deputy Head Boys:

Our Head Boy Team:

The school council is democratically chosen from each tutor group to represent students’ ideas and thoughts on KNBS. Within the school council, representatives are elected to form the school cabinet. The school cabinet meet every half-term to discuss and action ways to make the day-to-day life of a KNBS student as enjoyable and productive as possible. These actions are then feedback to each tutor group via the form representatives. 

School Cabinet Consists of:
•    Chair – Head Boy
•    Vice Chair – Deputy Head Boy
•    Treasurer – Elected by school council 
•    Secretary – Elected by school council
•    Communications Rep – Elected by school council 
•    2 reps from each year group – (nominated during year team meetings)

Here at KNBS, we want to play our part in helping climate change. The Eco Reps will create ideas and opportunities to make our school as environmentally friendly as possible. They meet every half-term to discuss and implement ideas.

Sports Reps are chosen democratically from within each form group. Their role is to organise and contribute to the success of our house games programme. Sports reps meet every half-term to discuss all things sports including the extracurricular provision at KNBS.