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Ski Trip

Last Updated: Thursday 9th April 2020

Thank you to all those who have actively supported our representation to SkiBound and ABTA.  I know many of you have contacted Councillor Liz Clements and some have corresponded directly with SkiBound.  We are very grateful for your support which has improved communication and as a result we have been in discussions with SkiBound to find a solution to our 2020 Ski trip cancellation and refund issues. 

To help us progress these negotiations further please can we ask you to complete the following survey which sets out three likely options that we are working on:.

Option A - I would prefer for my son to take up a place on the 2021 Ski trip and use what I have paid to cover the cost of that trip.

Option B - I would like a partial refund now (at least 50%) knowing that I will receive the remaining monies refunded as soon as possible (as the 2021 Ski trip participants pay their money).

Option C - I would like my money refunded in one full payment, even if I have to wait for the ABTA complaint to be completed (this would be a minimum of a 28 days wait).

Once we have collected preferences we will be in a position to have a clearer picture of your preferences so we can better represent you in our negotiations and/or next steps.


Last updated: Tuesday 24th March 2020

Ski Trip cancellation and refund…

Each day the decision (by the government to advise all school against foreign travel and our natural decision to, therefore, cancel our ski trip) looks more and more sensible.

As we have already shared with you, our preferred course of action is to secure a refund for all families.  It is then up to you if you spend that refund on our next ski trip, or on something else.

Progress on securing a refund…

We are becoming increasingly frustrated by the company’s reluctance to make this decision to issue a refund.  They did, at first, want to wait for confirmation from the Foreign Office that travel was banned.  Now that they have that they are asking clients to make a claim through our own insurer.

This is SkiBound’s statement on their website:

This is highly unacceptable, one of the reasons that we book with SkiBound is due to their ABTA status which should protect the outlay that you have made for this trip.

Our Next steps…

We have already lodged a claim with our insurers, this is currently being processed and we hope to hear something over Easter.  This is our safety net, as we feel the correct process is for SkiBound to refund your payments.

We have contacted the DfE, Liz Clements (one of our local Councillors), Birmingham City Council (as we know we are not the only school in this situation), and ABTA we have lodged a formal complaint with ABTA.

We will continue to contact these people and agencies to gain their support for the current issues.  As soon as we have any updates from any of these organisations, we will be in touch immediately.

How can you help?…

I am certain that you will be as outraged as we are with this situation.  To be told by the Government not to travel was frustrating yet sensible.  However, for our ABTA registered company to respond in this way, we feel , is completely unacceptable.

We would like you to add your support to our efforts by:

  1. Putting pressure on SkiBound to issue a full refund:
  2. Contacting our local Councillor to ask them to act on our behalf:


The Details you may be asked for:

Complaint Details: School trip cancelled due to travel restrictions and Government restrictions on schools travelling abroad.  SkiBound are refusing to refund.

Statement from the company:

Operator:                            SkiBound

ABTA No.:                           V378X

Booking Number:                 B030852

Destination:                         Hotel Piolet, Les Menuires, South of France

Departure:                          14th March 2020

Return:                                21st March 2020