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September 2021Re-opening

Key Information regarding re-opening in September 2021

This page is dedicated to the information you need to support your sons return to school in September 2021. We will update it as new information becomes available or updated guidance allows us to confirm our plans.

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We intend to run a testing centre in school for the first week.  This will allow all students to have an initial COVID test before they begin their academic year.  Students’ second test will be structured into their timetable.

Therefore, we will stagger our starts to enable students to have a test the day before they start back at school to limit any infection entering the school.

Our testing schedule:

  • 2nd & 3rd September 21 - training for staff and setting up of testing stations
  • 5th - 9th September 21 – first tests for all students before their return to school

We will continue to work on our current records for parental consent. So, if your views on testing have changed please contact us.  We will contact Year 7 families to seek consent before testing begins.

Possible Adaptations depending on circumstances

Our schedule will depend on test and testing staff availability.

Bubbles and Self-Isolation 

The DfE no longer requires schools to organise their students into bubbles.  We will still limit our main activities to year groups (e.g. assemblies, lessons, extra-curricular) with the exception of peer mentoring and tuition programmes.  We will continue to have some separation of year groups at lunch and break time.

The most recent guidance suggests that students will only have to isolate if they test positive.  Therefore, there will be minimal isolation for students who are waiting for their test results, but once a negative test result is received, students will be able to return to school.

Guidance suggests that, from September, staff who have been fully vaccinated will no longer need to self-isolate if they encounter a positive case.

Possible Adaptations depending on circumstances

We can return to bubbles by re-organising our timetable.

We can change our isolation plans to ensure we comply with any updates to the guidance.

Start and Finish Times 

Our September timetable starts with a form period (8:30 -8:50) and ends with a form period (2:50 - 3:05).  In our review of 2020-21, we have missed this opportunity to start the day positively with all students.

Our school day:

Time Period Breaks
8.30 — 8.50 Form Period (AM Registration)  
8.50 — 9.50 Period 1  
9.50 — 11.10 Period 2 10.20 — 10.40    Year 7 & Year 8 Break
10.50 — 11.10    Years 9, 10 & 11 Break
11.10 — 12.10 Period 3  
12.10 — 13.55 Period 4 12.10 — 12.55    Year 7 & Year 8 Lunch
13.10 — 13.55    Years 9, 10 & 11 Lunch
13.55 — 14.55 Period 5  
14.55 — 15.05 Form Period (PM Registration)  

Possible Adaptations depending on circumstances

If required, we can move to staggered starts:

  • Years 7 & 8 would start at 8:30 and finish between 2:55 – 3:00
  • Years 9, 10 and 11 would start at 8:40 and finish from 3:00 – 3:05

We intend to have two break times:

One 20-minute break for 7 & 8

One 20-minute break for 9, 10 & 11

Possible Adaptations depending on circumstances

If we need to adapt this, we have the capacity to move to more breaks


We intend to have two lunch times:

One 45-minute break for 7 & 8

One 45-minute break for 9, 10 & 11

Possible Adaptations depending on circumstances

If we need to adapt this, we have the capacity to move to more lunches that are a little shorter.

Assemblies and Events 

We plan to re-introduce our assembly programme; these will take place in morning form time and each year group will have an allocated assembly day.  This means that we can start running enrichment activities again, for example, guest speakers and theatre groups.

Possible Adaptations depending on circumstances

We can move to virtual assemblies held in form rooms if required.


We will continue to provide sanitiser in classrooms, toilets, canteen and dining room (sanitiser in science will not be alcohol based so that experiments can again take place).

We will not be asking students to clean desks at the end of lessons.

Possible Adaptations depending on circumstances

We can move back to desk cleaning if required.

Student Movement 

We will maintain our one-way system in the school building.  It has worked well and is something we intend to keep longer term.

Possible Adaptations depending on circumstances

No adaptations required

Face Coverings 

We do not intend to wear masks/face coverings in school from September.

Possible Adaptations depending on circumstances

We can move back to wearing masks in communal areas and/or in classrooms.


We understand that it has sometimes been difficult to replace uniform during lockdown.  However, to start 2021-22 as we mean to go on, it is essential that all students are in full school uniform in September.  Our Pastoral Team will be sending a separate communication providing clarity about our uniform expectations. 

We would also like to move back to students using our changing facilities.  Lockers are available through Parent Pay so students do not need to carry their kit and belongings around with them.

Possible Adaptations depending on circumstances

If we cannot do this then students will come to school in their PE kit on PE days.

Travel to School 

We are currently developing an action plan to support students’ travel to school.  This will be shared with families on completion.  It will encourage boys to walk or to ride their bikes to school; there are huge health benefits in them doing so, and it will encourage fewer cars within the vicinity of the school.

Cycling:  we can now return to storing our bikes in suitable bike sheds.  We plan to develop a bike shed area for years 7 & 8 and use our main bike shelter for years 9, 10 & 11.

Public Transport:  we will encourage our students to continue wearing face coverings on Public Transport, though this is not mandatory.

Possible Adaptations depending on circumstances

If required, we can revise our arrangements for the storage of students’ bikes on the school site. Students who ride their bike to school will be advised during their induction of where to store their bikes.