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Examinations Information

Summer 2020 Exams – Contingency day and attendance

We would like to ensure everyone is up to date with all exam information as soon as the information becomes available.

The summer exams usually run from early May with some controlled assessments, non-exam assessments and on screen tests taking place throughout the year. Formal written exams for summer 2020 will commence on 11th May 2020 and run though until the 18th June 2020. During the spring term Students will receive personalised entry confirmations which will highlight when their final exam will take place.

An Exam Contingency Plan has been arranged by the exam boards which all pupils need to be aware of. The contingency plan has been arranged for “GCSE and/or GCE examinations , should sustained national / local disruption arise during the June 2020 examination series.”

The decision comes following the tragic events of 2018, namely the Manchester attack and the Grenfell Tower fire. The Joint Council for Qualifications have decided that they need the option to postpone an exam in the event of an incident and rearrange for a later date to allow all students a fair and equal chance.

The contingency plan runs up to and including Wednesday 24th June 2020. This means that all exam candidates must be available to sit exams from the start of the exams on the Monday 11th May 2020 until Wednesday 24th June 2020. This decision is not a school decision and applies to all candidates in all schools.

Please can all parents and carers make a note of this date. It will be common and completely understandable for many families to want to book holidays in June as prices will be lower when the students have finished their exams however, it will be devastating for a student to miss out on a good grade after working so hard for 2 years because they might be absent from a rearranged exam.

On this note it is unfortunately necessary to stress to you the huge importance of your child attending every exam on their timetable. Public examination timetables are regulated by the exam boards CANNOT be rearranged by the school. Parents will be charged for any missed examinations and this will be classed as an unauthorised absence. We have a duty to notify the Education Service of this and you may be served with a Penalty Notice or a summons to court for your child’s unauthorised absence.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact our Examinations department.