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Latest Results

At KNBS, our students have a strong record of examination success. By the time they leave us at the end of year 11, we aim to help our students achieve the very best that they can, and to help them embark upon a wide range of subsequent pathways.

As you will be aware, results in 2020 were not achieved by end of course examinations, but instead by a consideration of a combination of factors over the two-year key stage 4, including internal examinations and assessments. For this reason, we will not report on these results. It should be noted, however, that all students have successfully moved on to the next stage of their educational career.

Previous years’ results are outlined below.

Progress 8

This is a measure of how students have performed in relation to how they were predicted to perform given their starting points at KS2. This is calculated nationally, and is a key indicator for the academic success of a school.

‘Expected’ progress 8 is zero. This means that over a range of subjects, a school has performed as expected.

A negative progress 8 would indicate that the students in a school have fallen short of expectation.

A positive progress 8 would indicate that students perform better than would normally be expected.

Ebacc APS (Average Points Score)

This is a measure of how well students achieve in the English Baccalaureat suite of subjects – English, maths, science, humanities and languages.

As the results indicate, students do better at KNBS than at other schools nationally. In particular, boys do significantly better at KNBS than other boys nationally.