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Key Stage 4

During year 9, students and their parents are introduced to the school’s Options programme, which guides students through the process of choosing subjects for Key Stage 4 (Years 10 and 11). Here, students select from a range of traditional GCSEs and a small number of vocational subjects.

We place a great deal of emphasis on the ‘Ebacc’ subjects (History, Geography, French and Spanish), and strongly recommend that boys take at least one humanity and one language. This is not suitable for all of our students though, and for these students we are able to tailor the most appropriate curriculum.

The overwhelming majority of students are able to study their first choice of subjects. In addition, all students study GCSE English, mathematics and science. For science, the majority of students study the double award GCSE. The most talented scientists are offered the chance to study ‘triple science’ (Biology, Chemistry and Physics). Groups are set by ability for English, maths and science. All option groups are mixed ability.

Two hours per fortnight are offered over to ‘core PE’, which is active sports, and not an examined course.

Curriculum Hours

Subject Hours per fortnight
English 8
Mathematics 9
Science 9
Physical Education (Core) 2
Option A 5
Option A 5
Option A 5
Option A 5