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Key Stage 3

Year 7

From this year onwards, French is the modern foreign language studied in year 7. In successive years, this will move up the school, until Spanish is phased out and French becomes the one language offered at KNBS. Achievement in languages has been good and improving over several years, and by focusing the efforts of the MFL department on a single language, progress can improve further.

Upon entry to the school, students are placed into sets for Maths and Science by KS2 prior attainment in maths, and in sets for English and a number of other subjects by KS2 attainment in English. These settings are subject to review at each main data point (3 throughout the year) and so students are able to move groups according to performance.

Years 8 and 9

In year 8 students are placed into one of two bands of broadly equal ability for most subjects. One band studies French throughout KS3, and the other studies Spanish. Across the two bands there are four sets of middle and higher ability as indicated by prior attainment and one set of lower / middle ability. There is the opportunity for students to move between these ability groupings depending upon their progress throughout the year.

In year 9 English, maths and science are set individually by prior attainment, with other subjects following the model for year 8.

Curriculum Hours

In Years 7-9, students study the following subjects:

Subject Hours per fortnight
English 7
Mathematics 7
Science 6
Physical Education 4
Modern Foreign Languages 4
Geography 4
History 4
Technology 4
Religious Education 2
Art 2
Music 2