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KNGS - Post 16 Study

Dear Parents/Carers,

You are receiving this message as we have been informed by KNGS that your son has applied to them as an option for his post 16 study.  

You have most likely received an automated email from the KNGS applications software, informing you that your son's application is in limbo due to a lack of reference from KNBS.  Please let us reassure you that this reference process is in hand.  As we have a significant number of applicants from KNBS to KNGS we have an adapted protocol that the automated system will not be aware of. We have long standing arrangement where applicants are discussed in detail and references/recommendations are provided.  

The collaborative reference meeting is currently being re-scheduled due to staff absences and will be completed in good time for KNGS to finalise offers for candidates that meet their requirements.  Please do not worry it will all be completed within the required timescales.  

Apologies that we are unable to respond to every individual that has contact us since the automated email arrived. We trust that this information provides you with a succinct and reassuring update.

Yours sincerely,


Mr R Hanson
Assistant Headteacher
Mr P Garvey
Head of Year 11