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Free School Meals

Last updated: Monday 23rd March 2020

Arrangements for those eligible for Free School Meals…

The Government has told us that they have plans to provide families in receipt of Free School Meals e-vouchers so that you are able to use this allowance on your weekly shop.

With the pressure that the Government is under at the moment, we fear that these vouchers could take a while to materialise.  Therefore, we have ordered Sainsbury’s shopping cards for all of our families that received free school meal allowances.  As soon as these arrive, we will get them too you asap.

Using cards allows us to top them up online without having to collect them off you and get them back to you.  They will arrive with £30 loaded on and this is for the first fortnight off school.  We will then upload another £30 each fortnight until the government voucher scheme commences.

Of course, if you son has been invited to attend school for any reason, then he will get his free school meal here.  Therefore, this will affect the amount that is added to your card each fortnight.