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We are proud of the opportunities available to students at KNBS. Our curriculum is traditional, broad and rigorous, and opportunities for students to thrive in our enrichment curriculum are plentiful. At KNBS every child has the opportunity to succeed, and every child is stretched and challenged in order for them to develop and then fulfil their potential.

Recent examination results demonstrate the high standards of academic excellence for which we continue to strive. In addition we encourage boys to develop their talents in outdoor education, sports, music and the arts.

When boys leave KNBS, we want them to be well rounded, confident individuals, with the skills needed to succeed in the next stage along their chosen path. We want them to have personal, social and global awareness; an understanding of both the opportunities and challenges presented by the world, and the tools and confidence to embrace both as they encounter them.

We feel that the curriculum at KNBS contributes towards that aim.

Years 7 – 9
Boys study a full range of academic and expressive subjects. English, maths and science are given a prominent share of curriculum time, with humanities and languages also studied by all. ICT, RE, music, technology (including food) and art add further variety and challenge, and with two hours of active PE per week, boys have a rich, healthy and varied diet. PSHE is integral in many curriculum areas at times throughout the year, and is also delivered in a dedicated lesson for one hour per week.

Years 10 – 11
Students continue to study the core curriculum subjects, but also four option subjects from the beginning of year 10. Students and their parents are supported during the options process in Year 9 via a dedicated options evening and a parents’ consultation evening. Our IAG programme, delivered in year 9 assemblies, also helps students make the right subject choices for them. Subjects offered continue the philosophy of providing a rigorous and meaningful curriculum for our students. A good proportion of boys study the full suite of Ebacc subjects, and all vocational courses feature on the DfE list of approved qualifications. This ensures that students leave KNBS with qualifications that will serve them well as they embark upon their next steps.

Students continue to enjoy regular active PE, regardless of whether they have chosen it as an option. Assemblies and a weekly PSHE programme continue to contribute to student well-being, and help them prepare for their next steps.

Our Personal, Social and Health Education programme includes careers education and a variety of important issues relevant to students at different stages of their development. The promotion of human values such as democracy, rule of law and mutual respect, is at the core of our PSHE and Assembly programmes.

Outdoor Education

KNBS is in a small minority of state funded schools which employs a specialist fully qualified instructor in outdoor education. Boys have the opportunity in year 7 to attend an outdoor activity residential trip. For the past few years this has been in Wales. At other times throughout their five years with us, boys have the opportunity to try sailing, kayaking, paddle boarding, mountain biking, climbing, skiing, snowboarding, orienteering and other adventurous activities. Residential trips are run in many of these areas and at other times local facilities such as Bartley Green Reservoir, Creation Climbing and the Tamworth Snowdome are used. Outdoor education is exceptionally popular, and helps to develop the wider skills of self-reliance, confidence, resilience and leadership.

Music and Performing Arts

Music is strong at KNBS. A significant proportion of boys have instrumental lessons, and the school is well supported both by Birmingham Music Service and by staff expertise within the school. There are various school bands and orchestras. Whatever your son’s area of musical interest, he will be able to find an outlet here. There are two excellent, high quality music concerts per year.

The school has collaborative links with King’s Norton Girls’ School. One of these involves an annual drama production, with which many of our boys enjoy being involved. There are also opportunities to support in the technical side of these productions, where sound and lighting are critical to the success of a concert or show.


KNBS has an enthusiastic and dedicated PE department, and students in all year groups have the opportunity to represent their school in many sports. We field teams in football, rugby, basketball, cricket and cross country. Lunchtime and after school clubs also provide for fitness training and badminton. Several of our students have recently progressed to club, county or national representation in athletics, football, rugby, swimming and basketball.