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COVID-19 Update

Current Cases 

We wanted to let you know that confirmed cases are steadily rising nationally, in our locality and within the school community.  We would like to thank those families who are continuing to test at home; many of our recent confirmed cases have been detected in this way. 

Adapted practices 

We have added some additional mitigations to our practices: 

  • enhancing the regularity of the deep cleaning of the building, using our fogging machine 
  • monitoring ventilation more closely using the CO2 monitors 
  • increasing availability of hand sanitiser. 

Natural fire break 

Half-term provides a natural fire break which should help us reduce any transmission within the school community.  It has come at a good time.  Although we cannot instruct you to complete a LFD test before your son returns to school after the half term break, we are actively encouraging this.  It will help to reassure our families, students and staff that we are returning to a transmission free school.  Thank you for your continued support in this matter. 

Your son should have brought LFD tests home recently, however, if he missed this handout for any reason and your supplies of tests are running low, then please visit the test booking webpage to order some directly to your door: 

You can also contact reception for our support, as we still have some tests available from school. 


I am not at all surprised that the vaccination team commented on how wonderful, caring and compassionate our students were.  Unfortunately, we had a few students, from consenting families, who were unable to have their vaccine.  This was either due to the very short timescale that the vaccination team provided for the acceptance of consent forms, or because of a recent confirmed case of COVID.  We are still waiting to hear when the team will return to provide Vaccines for those who want them.  The early signs are that this might happen in November we will keep you informed. 

It is lovely to have had some semblance of normality so far this term, but we are fully aware how important it is to stay on top of any rise in cases.  We hope that you are all well, and that those who have the virus at this time recover quickly.