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CORONAVIRUS - Please click here to view our latest updates/re-opening information.

Last Updated: Friday 10th July

Planning for September

You will have heard from the Government that they expect all students to return to school in September. To meet this ambition, they have produced the following guidance:

We have learnt a lot from our increased contact with year 10 and the planning required. We also understand that guidance can change rapidly and that the situation we find ourselves in can change significantly in a short space of time. Due to the likely shift in circumstances and developments in guidance that are expected we are embarking upon two periods of planning:

  1. Initial planning to identify and share our broader principles around re-opening in September.
  2. More detailed planning in August so that our plans and risk assessments reflect any changes in guidance and/or circumstances. We understand and fully support the importance of getting this right; COVID-19 is still a significant risk and cannot be taken lightly.

Our principles for opening in September

We have already planned a number of adaptations to school that will be implemented during the summer break to support our students return to school:

  • The procurement of hand sanitiser and dispensers for all rooms
  • The purchase of PPE and screening equipment for our first aid team
  • The increased capacity in our cleaning team to support more regular cleaning
  • The procurement of required PPE for our cleaning team
  • The implementation of new classroom layouts so all students are facing the front and avoiding face to face seating plans
  • The implementation of Perspex screens where face to face contact cannot be avoided (e.g. Canteen, PC rooms, Music practice rooms)
  • The implementation of new room numberings and a one-way system

Information to help you prepare and support our plans to re-open

  • On our return KNBS, will be a cashless site.  Students' accounts to buy food will need to be topped up online via ParentPay.  This is to eliminate the risk for students and staff of handling cash.
  • We expect all students to be wearing our normal uniform in September; this should give you all enough time to have uniform refreshed for then.  Click here to read our uniform information.
  • Although we are implementing hygiene zones in all classrooms it would be helpful if students had their own personal hand sanitiser and tissues
  • Students cannot share equipment, and specialist equipment will need cleaning between uses.  It would be brilliant if you could help us by ensuring your son is well equipped:

Minimum expectations:

  • Two black pens, a pencil, a ruler, a rubber, all in a pencil case
  • A water bottle
  • A full-size bag    

Non-essential but extremely helpful items:

  • coloured pencils
  • calculator
  • protractor and compass
  • glue stick
  • headphones (2.5mm jack plug)

Planned schedule for the first week of term

Tuesday 1st and Wednesday 2nd September

Staff Training Days so that we can ensure everyone is up to speed with the arrangements and protocols around reopening and required curriculum developments

Thursday 3rd September

Yr 7 Induction day (rearranged from the cancelled 1st July event)

Friday 4th September

We will open to Yr 7 and Yr 11*.

*(if planning and local circumstances are favourable – we may add an additional year group on this day- tbc)

Planned schedule for the second week of term
(please note that these will be confirmed in August)

Monday 7th September

We will open to Yr 8, 9 & 10 to support their induction, they will be attend school all day. (times tbc)

Tuesday 8th – Friday 11th September

We expect to open to all year groups for the remainder of the school week, more information will follow (e.g. we may need to put in place staggered start times etc)

Our detailed planning for opening in September

When our ‘Planning Team’ meet towards the end of August we will share our detailed plans, protocols, risk assessment and FAQs.   (There will be an opportunity for families to ask questions so that they can be added to the FAQs).

The current guidance is linked to this page; however, we expect this guidance to be revised, therefore by finalising our plans in August we will have up to date guidance and relevant contextual information.  We will at this point share with families:

  • An overview of what school will look like for students
  • Our detailed Risk Assessment
  • Any changes to protocols and adaptations to procedures and policies
  • FAQs

Changes to the timings of the School Day

Thank you to those that shared their views, the school day changes have now been adopted.  These changes are to establish an effective school day in the long term, however please be aware that there may need to be adaptions in September to support the re-opening of the school to all year groups.  As outlined above detailed plans will be released in August which may include short term changes to start times, end times and the structures of the school day so that we can put in place successfully systems of control.

The following changes have been adopted: