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Communication between home and school

The purpose of this page is to serve as a guide for ensuring effective communication between parents/carers and school staff by establishing a set of reasonable expectations and behaviours for parents/carers and staff. These guidelines will be reviewed periodically and revised as necessary. Communication refers to both the sending and receiving of information, such as email and notes, and verbal communications such as telephone conversations and face‐to‐face meetings. We encourage both parents/carers and staff to familiarise themselves with this document.

Key Principles

Most parent/carer and community questions are easily and completely answered by communicating directly with the staff member closest to the situation. As you move further along the communication chart, the member of staff responding to the communication is less directly involved and usually needs additional time to research the situation before they can bring about a conclusion. You can expect to hear back from the person you have contacted within two working days, but please contact them again if this does not happen before moving along to the next level of the flowchart. A member of staff may be absent and so unable to respond. If you suspect this to be the case please call the school or email via . Initially try to resolve each situation at the first level as this person is most likely to be nearest to the concern raised. Only move on to the next level if the concern cannot be resolved at the first level. Parents/carers wanting to meet with or contact a member of staff should email them directly or via . If email is not possible, parents/carers can either call the school or visit the main office to make an appointment. Phone messages are checked every day. Parents/carers who have not followed the Communication Chart will be directed to the appropriate level based on the circumstances.

Guidelines and Procedures

Updating your information

lt is important that the school has current phone numbers, home address and e-mail address, including emergency contact details on file in our school data system. If you move or change your phone number, it is imperative that you notify the school and update your details. Please visit or contact the main office.

Ensuring a successful exchange of information

It is the school’s aim to work with parents/carers to solve problems and that any communication remains respectful at all times. Should this not be the case either party should terminate the communication. Alternative means of bringing about a resolution would then be sought.


Recognise that confidentiality may limit information that can be shared from school to parents/carers, including consequences for other students’ behaviours.

Time to Respond to Communications

Staff will make every effort to respond as soon as possible to parent communications, with the understanding that the teaching day sometimes precludes immediate responses. At least an acknowledgement should be received within two working days; staff will indicate if more time is needed. Staff may need some time to collect needed information before responding. School Office Hours: 08:00am – 16:00pm Monday - Friday.