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Promoting a futures-centred culture is an integral part of our King’s Norton Boys’ School mission to become outstanding in every aspect by 2022. We aim to support the aspirations of all of our learners and to ensure that they gain the understanding, skills and experience they need to make progress and succeed in learning, both here, in post-16 education, and beyond in the world of work. We believe that effective careers education and guidance not only contributes to the well-being of individuals but also to the wellbeing of their families, the communities to which they belong, our wider society and local, national and global economies.

Access for Students

Our programme of careers education starts in Year 7 where students create a foundation for their understanding of the world of work and start to think about their future. Each year, through to year 11, this understanding is built upon. When Year 10 students are introduced to the Work Experience programme, the aim is that they will be well-informed and able to articulate their areas of interest, hopefully securing a placement of their choice. In Year 11, we aim for students to be well-informed and able to maximise their post-16 choices.

Careers Information, Advice and Guidance

All Y10 & Y11 students have access to one-to-one advice from an independent careers advisor. They are available every week for pre-arranged appointments as well as for drop-in sessions during lunchtime. These are either held in the Reading Library or the Lecture Theatre. Students can book an appointment with Mrs Bartlett

Post 16 Options

With the raising of the participation age (RPA) students need to continue in some form of learning until they are 18. There are three main pathways to choose from:

  • Start an apprenticeship or traineeship
  • Full-time education in a school, sixth form college or college doing academic qualifications (e.g. A Levels) or vocational qualifications (e.g. BTEC, OCR Cambridge Awards)
  • Work or volunteer (for 20 hours or more a week) while in part-time education or training