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Bikeability Level 3 Course

Dear Parents & Students,

Following your son’s request for Bikeability training this year, I am pleased to invite him on to a level 3 Course. This is a very exciting activity for students to develop their cycle handing on complex roads and junctions. It’s an opportunity for students to challenge and promote their self-confidence and self-esteem, problem solving and develop team working skills.  

The session will be based on the roads around school. The course will be one day starting at 8:50am meeting at the outdoor education store room D 1.6, next to the canteen.

Please see the allocated date on the text message you had received with this link on.

It would have been a while since they did their Level two so we will recap the skills learnt in primary school before heading out on the roads

The Bikeability Level 3 course aims to develop students’ skills and confidence so they can ride in diverse road environments, including complex, often busy roads and junctions, sometimes with speed limits above 30mph. Students will revisit and learn the core functions for safe and responsible cycling.  The four core functions are:

  • Making good and frequent observations
  • Choosing and maintaining the most suitable riding positions
  • Communicating intentions clearly to others
  • Understanding priorities on the road, particularly at junctions

Students will have the opportunity to ride the school 14inch or 16inch frame size Carrera mountain bikes. If students would like to use their own bikes, please see the link below for the fact sheet regarding equipment and safety gear requirements. All requirements must be fulfilled for students to use their own bikes for insurance and safety reasons.  

A complete change of old clothes is recommended including gloves, socks, and shoes plus a towel and plastic bag for wet clothes and shoes encase the weather changes.  Bike helmets and gloves can be supplied by school but students are encouraged to use their own if they have them.

Students will be back at school for lunch time and will continue with period 5 lessons as normal. Students are required to arrive in full school uniform as they will be attending lessons afterwards.

In order for your son to take part in this activity, we will need the online medical consent form (link below) submitted by Friday 23rd October. If your son is unable to take this opportunity, then please let me know so we can reallocate the space.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me.

Thanks for your support.

Mr B Julian – Bikeability Trainer

Head of Outdoor Education.