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Weekly Updates 20/05/21

Good afternoon, 

We recently received some feedback that our weekly email updates were not reaching you all successfully.  I would like to thank all those parents who responded to the recent survey sent via text link.  This was helpful to ascertain the extent of the issue, with only a handful of our families (11 out of over 700) reporting that they had not received the emails successfully. 

However, we want to ensure that all our families can access our updates, even if there are issues with mail arriving.  Therefore, we have adapted the way we communicate.  Each Friday afternoon we will upload updates to our website on a dedicated year group specific page.  We will keep all the communications clearly labelled with the date that they were released.  Each Friday we will also send you an email as a reminder, however, if it doesn't arrive for some reason, you will still be able to access the website and see the updates for the week.

Our year group updates will now be posted on the website on at the following places: