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Hot Weather

Thank you for your support with the adaptations that we made around uniform last week. This week's forecast looks pleasant, but much more bearable than last week, therefore we will return to normal uniform. Of course, we are always able to make adaptations during the day, as outlined below:

KNBS approach to warmer temperatures:​​​​​​

Uniform in the Summer Term:

  • Students should come to school in their blazer and tie as normal
  • Jumpers are not compulsory and do not need to be worn, many boys still wear them in the summer term unnecessarily
  • (as normal) Students can take their blazer off in lesson. In line with our ethos, we expect them to make a polite request before doing so
  • (as normal) Students can remove blazers on the playground and field. In line with our ethos, we expect them to make themselves presentable before they come back into school.

Possible adaptations as temperatures rise during each day:

We will monitor the weather each day of the summer term, if the temperature in school requires adaptations, we will let the boys and staff know, these may include:

  • Students being allowed to remove blazers for the remainder of the day (folding them into their bags)
  • Students being allowed to remove their tie and undo their top button for the remainder of the day (folding ties into their bags)

How parents can help:

  • Please remind your son to bring a water bottle to school, these can be replenished at Break and Lunch in the dining room
  • Please discuss the use of sunscreen with your son
  • If your son is struggling with hotter weather encourage them to use the shaded areas or the dining room (which is very cool)
  • Blazers and ties do not always find their way into students' bags, please add their name to both so we can make sure that lost items can find their way back to their owner.

If extremely hot weather is forecast, we will contact you to share any emergency measure that we would put in place.