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Y10 Work Experience

Monday 16th July – Friday 20th July 2018

What is Work Experience?

A work placement is your opportunity to spend time out of the classroom, learning about a particular job or area of work. Work Experience can help you decide on your options for after Year 11 and beyond. It will give you the chance to develop and show evidence of vital life skills such as self-confidence, communication, independence and much more, depending on what type of placement you do.

What type of Work Experience can I do?

Most students will be expected to find their own work placements. Think about what type of work you would like to do - What are your favourite subjects and make a list of related jobs:

     • English - Newspapers, Magazines, Libraries, Teaching, Advertising, TV & Film, Radio
     • Maths - Banking, Accountancy, Engineering
     • Geography - Environmental Services, Charities

How to find a placement?

Family are always a good source for finding placements. What do your parents, aunts, uncles, cousins do? Could they help with arranging a place? What about local businesses? You could ask at your local shops or small businesses. Use online phone directories and search for your choice of profession.

What next?

Make a list of possible places and their phone numbers and addresses. You can either ring and enquire if they offer placements or you can write to them. 

Once you have found a place you need the contact at the placement to complete a Work Experience Employers Agreement confirming that they are willing to offer you a place. (A copy is available to download below)

If you have any queries please speak to your Form Tutor or Mr Mackenzie.

At your placement?

Once you begin your placement make sure you complete your online diary. A link will be sent to you before you begin your work experience.

After your placement?

After you have completed your placement make sure you send a thankyou letter to the employer. (Template available below)