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how to apply for year 7 in september 2019

An application must be made online at or by using a Local Authority Preference Form. Pupils will be admitted at age 11 without reference to ability or aptitude. The number of intended admissions for the year commencing 1st September 2019 will be 150.

Special Educational Needs

Any child with a statement of special educational needs/Education Health and Care Plan is required to be admitted to the school that is named in the statement/plan. This gives such children overall priority for admission to the named school. This is not an oversubscription criterion.


  • Looked after or previously looked after children.
  • Boys with a brother already at the school who will still be in attendance at the time the sibling enters the school.
  • Boys who live nearest the school. 


Sibling - ‘The Local Authority’s ‘Sibling’ definition has been adopted.

Distance - Distance between home and school will be a straight line measurement from the front door of the student’s residence to the school’s main entrance door at reception. The Local authority uses a computerised system, which measures all distances in metres. Ordnance Survey supply the co-ordinates that are used to plot an applicant’s home address within this system.

Shared responsibility - The Local Authority’s ‘Shared Responsibility’ definition has been adopted.

Separating “final qualifier” applications (twins, blocks of flats etc) - The Local Authority’s ‘Separating “final qualifier” applications (twins, blocks of flats etc)’ definition has been adopted.

Waiting list - Following the acceptance of places, a waiting list will be kept in strict oversubscription criteria order until the end of the Autumn term.  Each added child will require the list to be ranked again in line with the oversubscription criteria.

In Year Applications

Applications made outside the normal admissions round (in-year admissions) should be made directly to the school. Parents/carers can apply for a place for their child at any time and to any school. 

On receipt of an in-year application, the school will notify the local authority of both the application and its outcome, to allow the local authority to keep up to date with figures on the availability of school places in Birmingham.


All students not offered a place at the school have the right of appeal to an Independent Appeals Panel. Further details of the appeal procedure will be provided with the letter explaining why the application has been refused.